Death in America

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Death In America

Shooting for the moon, another tourist?
No one saw her fall, she’s gone leaving us to hurt
We bang our heads, smash our face, make another fist
Guns don’t kill, that’s what their ads assert.

Preempting god like this is a sin
We groan at her grave, asking what went wrong
Never again they wail again in Hennepin
Dreaming of days when guns go soft, can we say gone?

Pray once more. Your mother wished it
Even more than the American dream
She told me so though she’s gone and can’t admit
This was her favorite Fairie Queen

Christians gotta stop hating, thanks God hears the drumming
Windows breaking, could it be we’ve been cursed?
Marching in our minds, denial is a shortcoming
Now we’re woke and what needs done has been rehearsed

Lost the road from here to there
Map got tossed, forced by fear to close our eyes
Pretending someone else will take us where?
To make us safe from barrels of empty lies

In the stars we missed a truth
The story of life without ending
Our time is finite we don’t need proof
Why we need so many bullets is mind bending.

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