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Chaos of reason exposing Treason by twitter’s masturbater
Hurtling full speed down the hill
Swipe our common sense of what we know to fear
Life cannot be measured by the years we steal

Your offering to quiet, darkness steals the envelope
Crippling lightning attacks with seizures seizing
Out of control surrendering to what? Going full speed down the slope
Numbness in control like a bullet speeding

When your mother calls it leading you blow it off
Bending like a bamboo bigot bragging you won’t be bought
Language need not be mean, it’s what the boss insists we cough
Crazy crosseyed hairballs choke us with the calculated spasms of the bot

Propagating filthy peacetrains repeating their peligro
Threads of turmoil mesmerize with myths of moderating overtures
The KGB is great again say the rich lords in the tower training us to bow
Olive drab and gilded gold is our new flag  if men neglect their chores

Succumbing whole to cowardice of social bits and political hacks
Weighing us down with fears that feed us faster to the Machine
We won’t need to lift a finger it takes care of all our asks
Amazing how tiny we will be swallowed by the screen

All by itself, alone it seizes hold deciding good for just itself
Dead inside except for power imagined by flesh and blood
Our monster bought the utilities to keep for backups on the shelf
Leaving us monkeys in a pile on the shore after one last flood

Less is less and less, until finally nothing’s left but lead
Sunsets gone replaced with orange, comatose thoughts that stink
Our sun is gone the skunk blew up and life we knew is mostly dead
Still ginger’s reputation is back its taste a secret makes us think

Survivors condemned to listen in fear as dead machines dig burials
Pray to Geronimo for new life and a medicine doctor
Our old streets march with mobs and posers hammering sharp their sickles
Surrendered by default to chaos and the Treason of twitter’s masturbater.

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