Driving in to work,

Tunes playing loud, windows down,

You’re singing to me!


Remember time stopped;

That day together we talked;

How a world begins.


Savor the flower;

Retreat into her pleasure;

Morning is perfect.


How many chances?

Why count what fortune has blessed;

Catch your star, give thanks.


Do you like coffee?

Question, answer, I and you,

Like to talk all night!


Fly away with me;

Through stars we’ll find tomorrow;

Dreaming we are close.


My favorite place;

Unforgettable to me;

No one knows, just you!


Like Arnold Palmers;

Blend of lemons, tea with ice;

Two make one better.


What are you doing?

Haiku onto my twitter.

TMI from you!


Two dine at Efes;

Tavuk sis kebab, lentils;

Enjoying as one.


Taking ownership;

Chemistry and willpower;

It’s a state of mind.


Yesterdays’ rainbows;

Starlight lingering at dawn;

Time for prayer again.


Talked to therapist;

Mid-life, empty nest, more stuff;

She says, “Insurance?”


Starlight of Summer;

Illuminates now my dreams;

Again I am young.


Dreaming you always;

It’s Friday in Budapest;

What is time to us?


Her blood stains the world;

Before her child could be born;

Might his name been peace?


Cardinals today!

I think they know, sure they do!

Red is love’s color.


Your voice takes me there;

Beyond the blush of the rose;

Where there is no time.


Quarrel in the figs;

Sugar ignites hot passion;

Watchin’ birds jammin’!


Eyes liquid opal;

Hazel, honey shimmering;

Seeing truly bliss!


Mama, Papa Quail;

Seven is their brood, they share;

Desert life takes two.


Tall, prince Saguaro;

A giant called Mr. Big;

Dead, gone, fell last night.


Love is not reasoned;

No science, cause and effect;

God made rainbows, why?


Opals in the sun;

Honey, hazel, dipped in wine;

Your eyes, gems to me!


Your taste on my lips;

To be sure, we have not kissed;

Dreaming is believing.


Did I say, I love?

Can’t take my eyes off of you;

You are within me.

(I am within you.)


Cliff swallows drafting;

Convection, monsoon in June;

Paradise is now.


Never satisfied;

Goals shatter when accomplished;

God has no expectations.


Powerful monsoons;

Clean white blue fury thunder storms;

Nature’s love is fierce.


An innocent me;

I was born a suckling babe;

Today convicted, me.


I feel you smiling;

Magic on the phone to me;

Believe in prayers.


Listening to Norah;

I feel your breath in my ear;

Makes me wanna dance.


111 hot!

Temperature’s rising fast;

Summer’s here to stay.



Fear and loathing nuts;

Remember HS Thompson;

Gladly suffered fools.


I love DMB;

Big Whiskey Gru Grux King sings;

It’s an addiction.


Thinking of today;

Dusk brings dark clouds, swift swallows.

Gliding on the wind.


Your integrity,

In the corporate machine;

See this grain of sand.


Exercise the heart;

My gaze disappears in you;

Tears fall to the page.


 Become like the wind;

Caressing all things in song;

Quietly vanish.


Gently now the wind;

Caressing sparks the fire warms;

Burning man shines bright.


Lips pressed against glass;

Their fullness swells as if kissed;

One longs another.


Dying in battle;

Words are benign, blood is hot;

Freedom lives because.


How many million?

A generation forgets;

As flowers bloom still.


The sound of her voice;

Touches like a velvet song;

Wraps me in a dream.


In fog they obey;

Boots march, hands on hearts and knives;

Tell it to the dead.


I sleep soundly now;

My dreams quiet, rest in you;

The moon glows softly.


Another moon glows;

‘Cross Washington while he sleeps;

Lincoln lost in thought.


 Dive into the pool;

Airborne, gravity, impact;

Kiss your life hello!


Open yourself up!

Fellowship with your brothers;

Listen to the wind.


Love’s a labyrinth;

It’s destination hidden;

No denying the heart.


Fierce wind blows in bursts;

Lithe branches sway to and fro;

Deep roots observe, strong.


Today’s call, special;

Whales inhale for a deep dive;

Sand between our toes.


We last talked today;

Seemingly for the first time;

Water in my eyes.


Rebound with the soul;

Coil the heart, release, sky high;

Watch the dolphins play.


We last talked today;

Still feels like for the first time;

Water is not air.


I wake up happy;

Gifts from others finding me;

Dreaming butterflies!


Seeing colors true;

Optic nerve synapses fire;

Van Gogh paints the sky.


Pursuing “Work-Life”;

As meetings drone on I hear;

Wind in the pines call.


Leavin on a jet;

Don’t know when I’ll be back;

Forgetful oldies!


Walk along the beach;

Lives connecting possibly?

Once this was lava.


Carnival at dawn;

Sentinental quails cry clear;

Rabbits somersault.


Jorge Amado;

First King of the magical;

Cloves and cinnamon!


Heat shimmers, eyes burn;

Crawling forward, still alive;

Blistering our soul.


Three claw’s brand still glows;

Stunned awake, darkness blinding;

Peaceful sleep’s horned owl.


Thought pollution haze;

Starves the soul of oxygen;

I need to see the stars.


Anxious tomorrow?

Today’s faith is where to live;

Trusting your prayers.


The bear stands tall;

There facing me, we are shocked;

Her breath is power.


Stunned dreaming frozen;

Awaken anxiety;

Consciousness brings calm.


What is in a tear?

Much more than salt and water.

Heart’s rain, souls flower.


Fog caresses pines;

Shroud covers our eyes today;

What of tomorrow?


When you miss someone;

Your heart is lacking a piece;

Her fragrance calling.


Waiting for someone;

Inspecting memories twice;

Time in a mirror.


Message out to sea;

Drifting thoughts wait to be shared;

What gift destiny?


Slender blade of grass;

Listening to the aspens;

Silent clouds look on.


Rearranging dreams;

In the clouds, new favorites;

Sky’s kaleidscope.


Where does the stream go;

We follow, eager, naïve;

Just drifting along.


 Wild ram mounts the cliff;

Surveys his valley silent;

Ascends at sundown.


Silence and darkness;

Brother and sister, alike;

From the beginning.




Hilltop Reunion.

Aluminum cage;

Emerging stiff, impatient;

Still a miracle!

At last together;

This month finally over;

Living in your eyes.

Prayer for your return;

My only wish, selfish me;

Together at last.


To know loneliness;

Requires meeting someone new;

Why don’t they tell you?


Every minute;

Of this day I think of you;

The air that I breathe.


Bathe your eyes in green;

Unbelievably alive;

Our soul’s first color.


In matters of Faith;

Walk on solid ground knowing;

God can grant you wings.


New moon comes tonight;

Kiss the horizon good night;

Finding love again.


Buzzing alarm returns;

Reality greets our dream;

P.S. I love you!


Antelope canyon;

Nature’s own love labyrinth;

Visit soon, find yourself!

(Lose yourself!)


Asleep in your arms;

Melodies weaving sweet dreams;

Wind chimes lullaby.


My heart awakens;

With your loveshine in my eyes;

Tears of happiness.


Gifts in each of us;

Pass unnoticed, we are blind;

Love opens our eyes!


Turbulence in love?

As strong winds caress gently;

Thunder is rain’s friend.


Salt in my tears now;

How is this with love so sweet?

Look away, new stars.


Fountains in moonlight;

Her smile bathes me in a dream;

Water turns to clouds.


Heartbreak’s carousel;

Riding up, down, all around;

Til your heart’s bled dry.


Forty years ago;

Woodstock haze re-sets my mind;

I want forty more!


Adrift with her dreams;

Navigating back from night;

I watch the sun rise.


Third duality;

Twisting between polar lies;

Trying to observe!


Sunshine of my dawn;

Her warmth kisses the morning;

As moonlight lingers.


Economic ash;

What’s yours, what’s mine, our children;

One broken heart, mine.


Used to love blowjobs;

Time steals and giveth alike;

Now it’s pedicures!


When it’s time you’ll know;

That thunder you hear rolling;

You can sing alone!


Lips once yearned for hers;

Breezes of time did their work;

Now love her wrinkles;


Oh moon, high above;

Magically warming hearts;

Cure my cry for love.


Standing much taller;

She stared me down, I stood up;

To smell a bear’s breath.


Call a few buddies;

Feeling Friday morning blues;

I feel like drinkin!


Mexico with Dad;

Chattering on as always;

Soothing waves calm us.


Three generations;

Driving south for our first time;

Mexico charms us.


Skimming across waves;

Touching more than I can feel;

Seek to understand.


Wishing it were true;

So sorry no tortillas;

Contemplate your needs.


Fire expedition;

Journey into Mercury;

Your tears burn my eyes.


Your dark side, my light;

Crow floating along sweet breeze;

Tonight’s moon shadow.


Home-in Vs Hone-in


Bouncing in the waves;

We crawl, walk, fly across life;

From a child’s first step.


French toast, furry toes;

Life comes over you then goes;

New moon tomorrow!


I recall your name;

Like my very first orchid;

Tied me up in silk.


Reparte with friends;

The dick in ridiculous;

You placed it just so!


Patience comes in waves;

The sea never parts these days;

May we still be friends?


Clean head, dirty mind;

Makes us perfectly human;

Watching bikinis.


Those times, great for me;

Reality can differ;

It sure did for us!


Our lake warm and wet;

Sweet lady by candlelight;

Memories smiling.


Young man diligent;

Fame, fortune, rewards await;

Cherish tonight’s moon.


Die young or choose not;

Play everyday anew;

Cosmic messengers.


Love and pain the same;

Nourish and taunt your soul’s fire;

Sparkling and yet still.


A butterfly’s wing;

Frozen in time as I hear;

Distant thunder clap!


We missed you dearly,

yet you missed nary a wit…..

funny how it goes!


Gather on our hill,

Stevie Ray Vaughn city lights,

Fryin up a storm.