Well wouldn’t it just be the case that my ‘about’ page up and disappeared into the ether? It had been a clever little ditty telling you little but making me feel better in some way. Now I will have to begin again and tell you a few things about me, just to be compliant I guess?

I am an INFP according to the therapists. I have had a few therapists. My mother was an ESFP, so that explains a few things. My father is just stubborn and old and now I take care of him. It scares me to see the future. So I write about this and other things. Are there other things?

I suppose it all connects to some higher power. My god took my mother’s gifts away from her before he let her go, or took her back depending on your beliefs. Now he is taking my father’s will away from him too. So me and god are kind of on the outs. He has done some other mean things too. Plus, we now have some orange creature in an oval office in a white house with a wife named black if only she were Greek. I am told he is the 45th resident. Perhaps his lease is short and all of this may be moot?

We will always have poetry though. So god must know a few things. I will keep trying. Now take me home, please.