Orange Is Our New Favorite

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Do You Love Me?

You say no to subsidy,

OK, we’ll try tax credits.

You say no to mandate,

OK, we’ll take a penalty.

You say you don’t like death panels,

But we heard you say life costs extra?


Do You Love Me?

Tax credits coming our way?

Problem is we can’t afford them.

Block grants coming our way?

Problem is we’re gonna be dead.

You know we have to have a number,

An iPhone to call our parents (for help)?


Do You Love Me?

Our skin may be a little brownish,

Not sure if long sleeves cover our blacks.

Our folks built the white house,

Back in a day we were free of insurance.

Your plantations imprisoned us in fields of nicotine,

Chained us to what we would know.


Do You Love Me?

Tax cuts for everyone!

To lavish on friends behind your wall.

One percent bought us all our news,

Alternative facts, addictions, fake news, mulligans.

This country was never meant for us,

Call on god he’s got our papers.


Do You Love Me?

Just promise us,

We won’t bomb the holy land?

Just promise us,

Single Payer and 45’s bullets melted down?

Just promise us the truth,

Let us believe again?


Do You Love Us?

We promise we forgive.

We promise you orange is a color.

We promise you a private cell.

We promise you we will not forget how much,

Your MAGA  loved us too, almost to death.

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