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yes, that would be correct, flattering Me is fine
if you would, please refer to Mine with all due deference
to the cobbled cortex of My masses charmed they call Me divine
The One on whom they rely for their pickled common sense

asking no questions so they shout giving them brief relief
except these cowards less manners can’t help with their lies
armed with scapula and freaky amygdala to sharpen grief
deformed evolution by god is nothing if not a surprise

wear blue and pretend not to kneel with your flag pinned tight
new rules of engagement for an advanced civil, if aryan, nation
yes genetics must play a part, else how to be certain of Right
with absolute conviction to lock difference down at the station

take the back road to the clinic skip the inquisition
mobs of absolution demand as penance you bow for their priest
dead in their hearts of granite forged before abolition
proving their provenance like a dictators’ self-enraged beast

scars rasping with gifts of the CIA screams are hardly the first
was it blankets or hats? drove the slaughter of best, the buffalo
too smart to be fooled, trust is both how and why they were cursed
connived by a world with news called fake, is there even a rainbow?

designed with deception’s palette special ordered by the few
with news of cockles’ strokes and fantasies shot by heaven
inexorable and exhausting any chance to think a thought that’s new
this bilious Right so sticky and green like blood less hemoglobin

it could be Sunday prayers or balls deep in mimosas, the apocalypse steals like this
when you least expect where you stand to collapse in full cardiac arrest
leaving a world in tears of sweet amber secrets divorced from bliss
these absolutes are nothing to Me except your fear My dear possessed.


::and yes, i know how scalpel is spelled, lol::



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