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Galapagos gallop so gallantly
cleverly trading for oysters on the half shell
easy to troll but try rolling a turtle
their blessings buried like eggs in the sand near the sea

blinking blindly the old one is pensive, not really hiding
behind his eyes the door is stuck, he cannot see inside his self
ancient sleepy seeds and us in this terrarium just we two in this hell
it’s foggy in here the odor is thick no one can see me crying

did the news just now blare some talk of lube on the tube?
crazy for you¬†you’re no longer my Mrs.
savor the sweetness you lifted me up with your kisses
hug the new one next to you now that flavors your soup

buried deep in this cage of my making with dreams of forsaking
lay me down gently off center in the reflection of our behaviors
who knows if it happened the wind scattered our letters
a quarter past life and half past yours for the taking

the clock’s bell hath struck it cared once before now not at all
consent being a foreign concept with an alien intent
what if King Arthur of Britain was really some Russian gent
warming the samovar passing the time while we wait for our fall

strangled by a thin string of integrity woven by spiders from fright
we lost to the thieves foretold at the start by their theft of the game
leaving us standing cold on the corner holding the blame
looking for a serious thought last seen under this light

we waited for our children, prayed their return in the night
that sun the day exploded we were engaging in bliss
then some seconds later, maybe a minute, just this curse
no one to read our poem back to us such was our plight

it would have been nice to hear from the Trinity?
yesterday nothing, maybe less today least not just yet?
there was that love making early or was it a threat?
maybe tomorrow? what is time to the divine?

such is the way with mushrooms and cumulus clouds
puffed up pokered, swimming in swagger, a cat laughing it’s true
before curling in comfort to purr in a feline fondue
starfish can twinkle, turtles can march, we can still dream in our shrouds.






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