My River

Fashion's fickle fate

Chokers come round full circle

Mine had copper bells.

Always just in time,

Predestiny don't you know

Shooting stars at dawn.

My shrinking dendrites.

Remind me to call my shrink.

Odds are I'll forget.

Such a crazy world.

Our heroes? Moving pictures

Descended from apes.

still got dicks bruises,

greens yellows mottled purples

circus memories.

Dearest Mother

Negotiating Life,

Exquisitely perverse.

Ask a butterfly

Wiped away our tears,

Choking back words like cotton

Holding hands with mom.

Crying in the rain

Inside a bubble we made,

Black and white prism.

She won at marbles,

Last night she held her Rockwell,

To remind her when.

Then she was no more,

We'd known each other too well,

The last time it rained.

When you're almost done

Lights are brighter colors glow

Mistletoe will know.

Hiding from the light

Death slouches mean under clouds

Never shows his face.

Denver Police Are Slackers

#dicks is hangin soft

tacos al pastor, just pissed

Fucjitty fucj fucj

Layin in the grass

Lookin up around midnight,

Green grass got my back.

trolling rhymes with fun,

business could take some notes,

go slow to go fast

Dance my back is hurtin

Driven wet thru rain today.

You know what I need!

Your parents' childhood

Is really all about yours,

Masticated balm.

so many chapters,

but this page, and the next, blank.
dad we're missing you

our fantasies of


take us by the hand.

Old Grapefruit

Seeds are so eager,

Sometimes they sprout too early,


Olympic divers

Drink green waters, while we choke

On an orange hairball?

Here in our bubble,

Champagne flutes, breakfast in bed
Carbonated blues.

Strolled thru the garden,

Found my favorite shade tree,

Too soon for a break?

My ass on her wheels,

We would go wherever they'd play,

She could drive so fine.

done a lot of things,

some more worthwhile than others,

now I'm doin this

If you have designs,

On being a full time poet

You'll still have laundry.

My fortune tellers,

If you gaf for that,

See me goin to dicks.

Blurring together,

Think I'm getting face blindness,

Thank god for your smiles.

Surrender yourself,

Chocolate and thc,

Married just for us!

My Favorite Trillions

Gonna get up high,

Go with Perseids tonight.

Love the flying dream.

Catching Perseids,

Tonight tomorrow morning,

Watch my head explode!

Never won nothin,

So skip the contest, pick me.

Thank you in advance.

What is seventeen?

Even my kids can't recall,

Scrambled eggs and toast.

If I could change it

All of it, everything

Would be just the same.

When the cicada,

Boxelders be all busy,

Bugs, that's how we do.

In the hottest heat,

To find a perfect dewdrop,

Sends you in a rage.

Love in the desert,

Magic sycamore canyons,

Face steals time with heat!

We see a dead branch,

Bad brains blind refuse to see,

Songbirds' singing spot.

Greeted at the door

Bob Corritorre's RhythmRoom

Played us a duet

magical happens,

corks out let it be what will,

blooms take on their own.

Love you all, specially,

Beauty reflecting in us,

Make the world better.

Give up the high ground,

Reasons abound, so many,

For the well goin dry.

Sometimes I wonder

What Jimbo is fucked up on

Probably acid

Cc: Craig!

Porcelain so smooth,

Perfection is our desire,

Spiders disagree.

Why do we wonder,

Whose that smile is in the mist,

Your life staring back.

Peeking out mine eyes

Mornin Monday, I see you

Now give me the birds.

hydrostatic charge

booms what bang dies me to scare

cuddlin my puppy

Love smiles and melons,

How can you call that creepy?

Since the beginning.

Without this pillow,

World's berserk, screaming machines,

Dreams desert my sleep.

Syllables blurring

Nothin but slurred Kamumbles,

What da fucj he say?

yeah I know, so much,

nostalgia, more than usual,

So fucj hot, bein chill

Slower everyday,

My rehab now just a walk,

Retracing my steps.

Heart yoga today,

Bend breathe twist, shout adios,

Namasté her name.

Alone in the world?

Even thru chaos shine a light.

Lonely sunflower.

You know where I am.

Oh god above please call me.

At least a DM?

My dear Katalin,

We argue until Radiolab’s hot bath,

Reveal Galois' Group theory and your box,

Now we can be one?

Sitting on the bench

With dad, windy monsoons tease

One small leaf let's go.

Cool swinging hammock.

Oh that breeze, under my skirt.

What must that feel like?

Hot sweaty hammock.

Oh that breeze, under my skirt.

What must that feel like?

Garden yoga joy,

Pulling weeds seduced by flood,

I spy some melons!

As long as flowers

Bloom anywhere, or pictures,

Have faith in the day!

should I go to work?

the wisdom of crowds should know,

but will I listen?

heresy as truth

civilization happens

UM kills Carini

Launch sequence engaged,

Zappa's magenta schlonnggzie

You are what you is

Penetrate me soft,

Like a mushroom through the moss,

Take me to the moon.

We are descendants.

How far down we gotta fall?

Cosmical questions.

Sunshine and snowflakes,

Beyond our grasp, perfection,

Imagining God.

layered gauze is all mine

lay back and let me love you

tasting every pore

Flaming rhetoric,

Jello shots, compared against

A single tear drop.

Grateful is the boy

Purring in my arms, swimming,

Or imagining.

Once in a long while,

A star falls right in your heart,

Catch her afterglow


My Dear JB

Light the candle bright,

We're way up hai thanks to you,

Flyin round the flame.

JB I'm on my way thanks to you.

Keep the candle lit.

My darling dearest,

Always have you in my heart;

Even when I'm bad

My rear view mirrors

With memories splashed like bugs

Smiling back at me.

Leaving early so

Heaven waits our heroes say,

We'll be back for more

I'm don't like new stuff.

Help me to cope dragonfly

Past re-imagined.

Old moon looking down,

Still the same but different,

Let's go round again.

You don't want answers,

Thinkin you might just leads to

Dangerous questions.

Silence has a sound,

Shy as she is, her party?

Invites in the wind.

Murdered off by life

Excruciatingly fast,

And so beautiful.

never wrestled with

obtuse, opaque, and obscure!

And I'm much obliged!

We don't need google,

Ticketmaster can go fish,

Just reprise our favs.



Dear Mother High,

It's been a year, I'm still drunj,

But at last I'm here?



Pulled in for the night,

Fire flies came out to play.

Who is Kuroda?

Pulled in a truck stop

Fire flies came out to play

Who is Kuroda?

Three syllable fame

Proper names begin with K?

So far only two.

Neglect your ice chest?

Your fruit and broth went all south?

It's kombucha now.

Trucks hauling cars scream

Across the Great Plains desert

They see the future?

go slow to go fast,

fast go to slow go,

you know age in place?

or rage?

Last night in 4 tabs,

Sneaked in, now comes dance party,

Space. Raged DocBlotto.

sarry fucj sarry

sorry mebbe? Should we clap?

why, when we should cry?

Thump your chest all out

Say what you've always wanted

If it rains, who knows?

No past or judgement.

Saved by grace on Father's Day.

Dream well my kinder.

There are no warrants

At this time for my arrest

The first day of terr!

Generations pass

Genius regressed to the mean

And the band plays on.

Cc: DweezilZappa

Mothers are wailing

No one to charm these dragons

God, this feels like hell.

Think thrice,

Measure twice,

Cut once, Or not.

If I were a tree,

I'd do shade for you all day,

Let me drink your water.

Sobs will not quiet

Coming as they do from God

Listen to the sky.

Fall in a day's weak,

Hate's sting slings vicious venom,

Melts our wings with tears.

Intensity acute,

Degrades becomes almost mute

Sunset makes it moot.

We've been listening,

Crying, laughing all your life,

Your stories are ours

'most hit a hundred

wet in the new desert moon

comin into Blythe

Rockin the hammock

Memory comin back on line

Freight train comin thru