hero on heroin

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headlines announce the day after yesterday
haunting the hypocrites hurtling back from holiday
cajoling tomorrow’s downshift dreaming still in flip flops
precariously perched the moment before the first raindrops

not dry just not yet wet when random luck decides to hit
yearning for last weekend’s grant of peace from the bit
what are these names and places in the news, did we choose?
what are these vicissitudes lifted us from Syracuse?

whistling shrill through flurries drifting, knuckles tightly white in a ball
if only the melody were not some secret scheme enchanting all
read aloud suspended perky greetings cheer the morning’s mourning
as a salesman speaks the odious script to guide a script that’s boring

your objections are simply collisions defying all his training
rebellion’s dulcet tones sing us sound asleep in the time remaining
wisely resisting now the auto protocols, beware pedestrian
our heroes’ habit is sure to crash the bus packed full of lies Orwellian

burn your daily dragon’s breath fire it down to chill
while nature’s baby blanket steals your dream’s free will.


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