My Island

Spontaneous tears;

The world needs to know your taste;

Flowers need to bloom.

I've had my coffee;

Last excuse is now gone mute;

We talk every day.

Why am I crying?

Everything is perfect,

Recalling a kiss.

We've all got heavy,

It's why we’re born, to carry;

Unity, life's love.

A lonely paren;

Don't worry that’s me smilin;

Lazy twitter day.

Woke up this morning,

Sixty years later, say what?

We still got more planned!

Sleep and vitamins;

Double up when you can cause,

Health makes rage jealous.

Slave, pants off naked,

Joyful tears dance it again.

Back home, I still weep.

A wook in his truck,

Partied tonight with two ease;

Really? If you please?

Before the storm rains,

Lights sparks haunts beat beat down hard,

Coming Umph baby!

All you remember,

You crinkle your face, futile,

Sneeze a cry inside.

By camping I mean

I unpacked beer scotch n weed

Milky Way next stop.

How's George sing it now?

I Want weed, want scotch, want beer.

Haiku accident?

Too much stuff to do;

To get to Colorado;

Put my phone away.

Jefferson Wawful;

His command, let there be light;

Fits inside a soul.

Screamin pure nonsense;

So many boneless wing nuts;

Election season!

Yuengling for breakfast;

Wake up your alarm is dead;

Twitter fucks you up!

Almost every year,

Faster than the one before,

May I have some more?

thanks so much music,

why dont i ever tell you,

how much i love you.

Monday afterglow;

Everybody all mixed up,

In happy daydreams!

I We Thee n Thou

Like umPhlorida a lot!

Sadly I'm not there.

Failing feels just fine,

Tumbling head over hell's bells,

Dance like it matters!

lazy lobster roll;

improv still in bed, clawback,

hug tight, afterglow

I asked for a ride,

To the beginning of time.

You gave me the key.

Dissonant woodwinds;

Can this really be the end?

Time is short, dance well.

Anxious Wednesday tease,

Done enough, too much? Care not!

Dance the weekend long!

Surely without phish,

We'd have no water, no sex.

Umbrellas, condoms?

Light is crisp and clear,

Tonight's bright before we roll;

Say the Perseids.

Hoping our party,

Favors us with happy dreams;

Tonight's in our head.

I hope my party,

Favors me for happy dreams;

Tonight's in my head.

Colors burn with heat;

Melting commences, sweat pools;

What's the tune tonight?

Please, don't rock the boat!

Drowning now in a hurt bird bath!

Wake me when I die.

On Twitter, silence;

Napping underneath your desk?

Curious quiet.

Bee in my coffee;

Means Arizona August;

Me in my garden.

Oh Sander my friend

Our girl, the river stole her,

Praying at your graves.

Fuck poetry? No!!!!

Say you're one syllable short?

You're in luck, here’s one!

Here I sit, morning;

Waked up for this? Mulligan?

See you tomorrow!

Is there anything?

Look here there up, down. Inside?

And so I found love.

Say what? I'm confused.

Waiting room again, swallow.

Police dogs, wasted.

What a way to start,

With just a fart, last night's art;

Behind, not forgot!

Hi Jerry, 20 years,

Seems like a long time? It's not.

We dream, miss you still.

Umphreys has no soul,

Phish profound meaninglessness;

We're so pathetic!

Hanging by a thread,

Dentist’s lions hunted down;

Where is my cocoon?

With X-Ray vision,

I'd know how to find her heart,

Without any doubt!

We pay for saunas;

Complain bout sultry August;

What we want who knows?

Bubbling from the depths;

Pure clear elixir so scarce;

Water love me please.

Saguaro circles;

Rare like a crown with magic;

Sonora my love!

Morning stomach growls;

That's a thing with my body;

It wakes up cranky.

Peace of my jungle!

Tames me, unruly chaos,

Stones me with peaches.

I've been listening,

Crying laughing all my life,

You tell my story

Kaleidoscope tales;

Lives intertwined, laughing smiles;

Saturday's in bed!

Life is a canyon,

Of a shape you make it so,

It takes forever.

Back in the old days.

Spelling was so important;

Recall pre-Twitter?

Stuck in the middle,

Don't be thinkin, just be, do,

Lovin your sweet cheeks.

rainstorm in Tucson;

streets flood cars, people silly;

phoenix hot, jealous.

Em is for Mark, love;

Mark is for Emily, love;

In the Kitchen Wed!

Jake, Kris and Andy,

Wawful Stasik Cummins Lies,

Brendan Bayless Umph!

Each with great passion,

Rubik's peoples marching to;

Early bird specials.

Dreams go wandering,

Searching friendly fantasies,

These puffy white clouds.

All of my girls have,

Coffee mugs' nice big bottoms,

Built to thrill, no spill.

trolls live here always,

to fuck with our obsessions,

twitter is alright!

trolls live here at night;

to fuck with your obsessions;

twitter is alright.

Done racking the wine;

Enough work for one harvest;

Please pass the bottle!

I Yam what I Yam;

Switch spinach with beer and I'm,

Ready for Umphreys!

Is it McGee or Magee?

Is it Cummins or Cummings?

Is it Brendan or Brandon?

Who cares, just dance!

Weekend is fading;

Touches of pleasure linger;

Watch the river flow.

Glycerin tinctures;

Caramels and chocolates;

Mexican then now!

I cannot resist;

Five seven five if they speak;

Haiku I love you!

At DianeRehmsho;

Whenwill Umphreys NPR?

Whats next GoldLikeJoel?

Goin to the Rim;

That would be the Mogollon;

Cool pines and cold beers.

Sup Friday evenin?

All dressed up nowhere to go.

Least you shared your beer.

Once a unicorn,

Branded by celebrity,

Horny? Rinse, repeat.

Emojis to me?

Simply parens, and colons,

Exclamations too!

Twenty years ago;

Today races by again;

Twenty more? I'm Dead!

My dreams are timelines;

So resistance is futile?

Finally I yield.

About that gold watch,

Don't even get me started,

When will it be time?

Her strike from midfield;

Beauty plus power all day;

Hat trick with a kiss!

Spontaneous tears;

Morning's dawn welcomes their salt;

Where did our life go?

Jagged Rockies' peaks,

Will melt down slower than me,

Powered by #Umphreys

Moon over Red Rocks;

A generation passes;

Umphreys rules the night

Mountain skies, gliders,

Dragonflies buzzing above;

It's Panic pre-game.

I just need one hit;

To thumb thru all of my dreams;

Please hand me the key.

Eleven AM;

1 8 Zero Milligrams;

Dreamy chemistry.

Quit my job this week;

They prolly claim I was fired;

Slept like a baby.

Ripped out by the roots;

Breakout escaping orbit;

Endings, beginnings.

Summer storm named Bill;

Carved Texas one more asshole;

Embarrassed bitches.

Flew home smiled 5 hours;

1348 Mad Love;

Melted face warm heart!

Love swimming at night;

Makes the heat tolerable;

Just one way, naked.

Home safe, 12 hour drive;

Raton, Tempe, sing Jerry;

Down the road feel good.

Footprints in the sand;

Life's a beach, let it happen;

My toes are gnarly

Hungarian Princess;

Exaggeration hardly;

Only one dragam!

Sitting quietly;

Flowers showing leg, color;

Bees doing the talking.

Where does your smile go?

When you die, in that moment?

When your life shatters.

Loving my treadmill;

Running lies into the ground;

Shredding bosses dead.

Knocking at your door;

With a suitcase too baby;

I will try my best.

Knight on a white horse;

With a suitcase too baby;

I don't deserve you.

patience is virtue,

mindful of all your blessings,

goddamn I'm not there.

All of us have dreams;

Inside my mind bleeds beauty;

Just not enough time.

goin down way under;

outta the sky hawks gonna

laser strike you dead!

Watching hotel maids;

Hauling trash on their way home;

Be more green, we'll try.

Choices change it all;

Memories never go away;

Unless you let them.

Flashbacks, memories;

Were it not for the former;

Latter might not be!

Smokin up the truck;

2012 Umphreys greatest hits;

A big fat perfect!

Venus is coming;

America loves her next;

Treat her with respect.

Sunset in Zurich;

Dappled glow, my sweetheart's eyes;

Hadn't smiled 'fore you.

She's damn exciting;

Laughing over bulgogi,

Love her bubble ass.

We make eye contact;

Not touching, seeing hearts' lights;

Our spirits dream dreams.

Pedicure for me;

Don't know why I’ve never been;

Cept in Hungary!

Not Mozambique;

Just Budapest and Duna;

Palinka szilva!

Casey her name, friends;

Naked fog scent hard hot wet;

She went down for good.

Twitter and jet lag;

Together like lub and sex;

Vicarious treats.

Time zones, confusions;

Together we are, and not;

Zoom a trillion miles.

Budapest springtime;

Exploring language, so lost;

Home where my girl loves.

Cummins diesel roared,

It rained on Phoenix in May;

World's doin alright!

Joel's back from Fiji;

Didn't know how we missed him til;

Cummin's diesel purred!

It's fine now, Jimbo:

To the gates of hell, this shirt,

It builds character!

Don't upset my crib;

I'll stay with you forever;

Time in my forest.

Crawled thru my eyeballs;

Parted both my eyebrows two;

Is that an eyelash?

Chuckle chuckle ha

Should I say or should I go?

Got a rhythmic key?

Blank spot wet spot choose;

Think hard, moose she's bred for you.

He thinks, cums too soon.

Tickling your inner tickle;

Uncontrollably crying;

This moment forever!

Gridlock closure lock;

Every one has been fulfilled;

Good evening, now I see.

Was it really you?

So sweet to bump into you;

Butterflies linger.

Twitter's for jammies;

Twitter's for waits, traffic lights;

Shit I wouldn't say.

Gotta good game here!

Hard to know who to root for,

with my Suns setting!

Swear wet pants, butt words;

Poetry between the cheeks!

I read rainbows, see!

Find somebody, love;

Read aloud, savor each word;

Making out, better!

Desert loves dreamers;

Dessert for breakfast, brunch blows!

She gets flowers too!

Taildragger bloody

Knuckles, rode a white tiger;

Two places at once!

Mockingbird is wild;

Outside my window, Hawks win! 

Now I understand.

Fires a glowing;

Umphreys McGee and JB;

Lost Paradise found.

Eleven sweet days;

Bad decisions make sweet bliss;

UMBowl you're up next!

Secrets hurt and suck;

Who we tryin to fool, who?

Boomerangs kill love!

Honesty,truth then?

Ready for lights exposure?

People die of that!

Don't count on my thoughts;

Buckle in, Jimbo dreams large;

Panic shows tonight!

e: Wisconsin v Kentucky

KY fell apart,

Sconsin's awesome Dekker Frank;

Referees were FOUL!

Gonna jam out west;

Summer! Excited fuck yeah;

Omaha RedRocks!

Thanks boys!

We gotta full moon

Rising here in the west;

All the tunes a ship could float;

Now for my Ommegang Dubel!

On Twitter we care;

On Twitter we don't much care;

Fields of seeds n stems.


Gets high, nobody gets hurt!

Friendly joyous dance!

So now some #Zappa;

As I lay me down to rest;

Tomorrow rage peace!

phish or umphlove or;

panic, apples or oranges;

loving my peaches!

Transactional angst;

3 AM, late dark stormy;

Skiing in powder!

Awaken sunshine;

Dance alone soar together;

One nite, hearts on wings!

WidespreadPanic band,

Blessed be those that follow these lords,

Stone me to my soul, I pray!

Saint John Bell’s the man.

Boise girls are hot;

Cooled my tripping balls wildfire;

Together we played!

Kitchen pass, rage daze;

Celebrage interruptus;

Lady's mad, new tour!


Fripp my freakin love phreak #umph;

Heart these boys, my jam!

Umphreys in winter;

Jams storms stews and doe si doe;

Snowflakes are molten!

Lots of great jam bands;

Jer's gone, he ain't comin' back;

Let him go, deep breaths!

Living with panic;

Ragin rockin dancin joy,

Widespread Panic heals!

echo echo blow;

to ears like maiden flowers;

before dawn you're gone.

Does anyone know?

Where my Garcia books are?

In good hands I'm sure.

Least we got da blues!

Cards Packers Vikes dropped a load

Keep pushing, softserve.

September weekends;

Saturday football spells couch;

Sunday shouts Packers!

So cool to watch you

All take flights flying phish a spree!

Voyeur spritz for me.

smitten, we’ve been there;

bitten by a goat’s haiku,

left churlish rude scars.

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