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Met a memory I so wished it might be her, maybe her mother

From another time that must be past I so want it future

Such is the want of a gathered mind recalling those who’ve gone

When it’s done and baked do flavors concede their sovereign?


Which breeze is this drifting, floats me news of you

Tempting awake old desire I pick up my mat and follow

We walk again on air through the pines along our path

Hoping repeating wondering vainly why I’m looking back


Waiting now these memories all a jumble on the shelf

For their chance to make a call reminding me of someone else

Lost secrets even though I have lost their rings, their keys

Time unlocks dreams forgot, sneaking back to tease


Where is this place so high above I cannot take my eyes along

Aloft afloat in nothingness on wings from the beyond

I feel a draft like a feather brushed my skin

Flying over, gliding numb on time that has no when


Until this sublime lease on my mind lets me go my way

My heart waits here content she might come out to play

Looking down, there is no back, the laws of love set free

We talk. Her dog’s nose is wet, these dreams seem more than memory?

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