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i. The Crown

it wanted a crown
to cover past in glory
gold to mark the spot

truth dissolved like teeth
smiling gums exhibit A
soaked in acid lies

carving up and down
engraving stenciled fables
grinding nothingness

lonely pride of one
office cannibals sewing
mouths shut shrunken heads

have you worked with it?
kindly pretending hired gum
rather chomp instead

ii. The Rot

antipathy to expertise
deforming gossip

messy mane of mange
dirty brown dishonest rot
gaping maw a fright

asks innocently
oral camaraderie
hides the bloody knife

twisted paperclips
pick its decayed snaggled teeth
dreaming putrid schemes

tight lips hide a fright
what they save on you? buys new
enamels shiny

is there a nozzle
a verse to reverse its curse
scrub the plaque away

patience we are taught
answers all the pain with gas
spinning round and round

iii. The Jawbone

watching from afar
baby teeth laughing joyfully
til the music stops

keep them safe from it
balloons full of plastic words
faux teeth nasty bite

its wrinkled tattoo?
crooked dental spikes remind
time extracts them all

alchemy of lies
outfoxed dentists survey says
give them suckers too

scars and age reveal
ink betrays its intention
an upside down crown


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