Morning Prayer

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Sit down, spread your feelings on the grass
Balance them on the scale
Be fair to either side
Savor their dazzling essence these
Crystallized emotions like cut glass.

Sit down, count your senses one by one
Renew acquaintances if there be a need
Send each a message
Count them on your fingers
Share their aim to make life fun.

Sit down, name each your family
Frame their smiles in your mind
Take each moment’s offer
Greet them one by one
Time delivers grace in harmony.

Sit down, call out all your devils
Blaze on each bright lights
Blind their eyes
Prove again their cowardice
More than courage, it’s a test of wills.

Now stand up, stand up to face your god
Turn and face the light
Relax and welcome celebrate
Have no fear, you’re not alone
Smile, have faith, look up to get the nod.

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