May Day

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going into a relationship in anticipation of everything, leads to an excitement, an adrenaline charge opening you to all that is possible. after all this is the reason for your hire, the possibilities you represent for the organization if they can obtain your services, their investment in you. your innocence, your self.

and so it goes, you are oriented, invigorated, they’re just doing their job, by the endless accomplishment and history the organization has negotiated in its existence, and now you are a part of it. who can say it does not heighten the senses to be a part of something new? something that seems new to you.

days turn to weeks and weeks turn into more of the same, an agenda of compliant monotony and a set of norms seemingly fresh from the ooze creeping out of the open drain in the cafeteria. how is an organization’s banality so easily missed amidst the smiling vacuousness of the introductions? europeans are trained to spot these things. we americans are prone to the promises of presidents. more later.

soon you discover welcome does not signal an invitation to participate. informed that if your opinion is desired, you will be informed, with feigned delicacy effected with such exceedingly polite and ingenious dark arts of deception even the board carries no sway with this spree? is there really a board? or just a cheap simulacrum, a front for the ones with the hoard? one to keep shareholders entertained, while the other, a fiduciary pretends for society’s sake? betrayal so clever.

real experience is not all that exciting anyway. certainly not. anyone can learn a new language, just try talking a little louder? communicate in obscurities and formalities in ways and at times and locations the culture has conveniently hidden? ignore the experts, they’re just headcount, you will agree? I mean how hard can it be? circle the mahogany table, bring elegant snacks, your tastes so refined, salty and sweet. trust your gut. quarterly? expenses are nice, but so much work, just post-date the lot, pay the counsel his fee, his scrivener’s cut, like meat in the zoo. make the animals beg.

acquisitions, transformations, exploding offers, tranches, debt, all leverage for deficits financed with broken words of the code, secret questions of characters, pilfer alone under clandestine rules, like gnomes shaking hands with pockets of gold, curing line by line with hyphens, commas, slashes, and epitaphs. cash on top of your coffin, what are you bid for your brawn, less taxes and fees, this call of the Serengeti less natural beauty. painted faces, massive haunches of the sedentary, red-manes, bloody fangs, snaggle teeth of beasts once wild, they are the wonder of evolution. how are they paid? (their shares are preferred.)

discovery and secrets won’t come cheap, when the world turns upside down, are we shocked the board flushes, empties our pockets, hiding their assets, forcing the world to their will. corporations as people, employees as ‘assets’, throw them first overboard, how could you know their lies were false promises, the cards of the house. free market creations possess neither sense nor compass, who is to care, just a game so we lose ourselves. we lose.

so little interest makes it simple? the long term takes time, why not surrender to  pimps? keep the factories fresh, force them to work, while we sleep, we are safe. intellectual capital we can rent, when we’re done we can sell, take Fridays off, teach the staff confidence, trust? factory of the future dark, coin operated, scary but smart, never mind the dog he won’t bite, just beware the cannibals come out at night, they covet cost cuts, leave barely what’s built buried by grift, honored decrees tossed down like treats, by specious committees hear ye this, trifle not with science and fact; get to work it’s the draft, you must! the board hides in their mezzanine, private security and doctors too, save their self. the workers must work or else castles will be dank. lock the fear in the product and book it.

don’t forget trophies, employees of the month sound like fun? dissembling declaiming for sport, one way art where the boss’ darts are tossed, aimed in strict protocol, with the finest of spirits to toast the cuts? and the dead, those kicked to the curb, regale them with costs you have pared? lay them off, take their health, invest in benefits to enjoy at your meetings? cash the windfall, spend the tragedy on cuff links and pearls. weakness seek out, stalk the herd in your harness, search for strays make them pay, they must pay? so many dead we can’t not remember. their words are not quiet. screams of industrial fucjing.

hostage to tyrants with a trigger, alas how could we know? numbers fixed on higher prices levitated, divided market geography like croutons, chop romaine make a Caesar, add plenty oil. somehow the gulls will need service, stumble over into all of our business, pay the price, marks are fewer and fewer, more and more manipulated, still without a cure. those assets, half what they were, a quarter of what they might have been, had you not pretended? perhaps the dread was a sign? if you’re listening? we need magic not propaganda fools.

get ready. there’s a president now, the capitol’s folly, the spleen of his tumid economy, monopoly tokens, false inventions heaven-sent, praise dear leader? too many won’t notice, they won’t, they’re like monkeys with guns? are they loaded? excuse for our healthcare, lies for our lives, emptiness for words, bleach is the cure, fire the world it was their fault we failed. miracle of miracle we do all this for the rock bottom price of a mere, wait for it, trillions plus expenses; Jared is in town, Mitch’s on his knees, Lindz is the clown, kissing his favorite squeeze! (this could be every year for the rest of our days?) flush we must be? flush again get it all.

maybe it’s me, but the stench is a gasp too far, least when the gambit’s shriveled, salted abroad and swollen, blind dates Mano a Mano with the mushroom’s favorite wankers royal from Levant? demurring factotums frazzled by a crown spin around and scurry, lunch spills over drenching parts pre-ordered with plastic by privates, put that bone saw away could be ticklish, seems something is up, might they exit soon? we can pray, just dreams. if we could only sleep.

one day perhaps, alone with peace, happier when our haircut shorn short too long grows out, sheer boredom did no work for most. shake my head on days there is rumor, of a draft for meatpackers their work mandatory to serve us our meat, is this national? I don’t like the graphics? it’s proved, there never was nor could there ever be such muddled thought, it’s proof the nil set lives in a gap. unable to function outside of a private institution, call it governance and the rule of law, kinda like a fresh dug grave the dirt clods letting go reaching back to find their depth, maybe not forgot, but no one’s going to visit us in the grave. plant a tree.

our new brand old declaration independently rendered naught, citizens united led us to slaughter while SCOTUS loved baseball and licked us, with pith just the balls and the strikes. if true, here wrought for us, the Life Reduction Institute! praise the Law! in memory of the olds, the infirm, both boomers and X’s,  hearts dream of the irrealities of hope, of institutions of special note, a song of magic playing we may escape, our lives intact in a happy land for those with a doctor’s note, an appointment with fate finally the test, our travailing dread and treading water with death must rest. what’s that? might it be a dream, the day he goes quiet, the president, some say King, whatever it is that he is, might we hear clearly, not a moment to spare, his doctor’s shouted prognosis: Expiry Near!

forever we will wonder and ponder what it is we did wrong?  and the other question, for eternity, the mystery of the mystery curse we’ve endured, how did he keep going?


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