Compensation by Association

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One score ago and three percent or bust
A red raider came streaking across the stage
Claimed the name would need to change
In order to attract people like us?

She liked the Nike types prone to look the other way
Like lawyers, trix and lucky charming bankers
So many from which to choose all looking for employers
Lifers or losers?  Matters not, to us they were an eternity.

Incompetence being so malleable
Some may claim it’s always been this way?
Hire brothers, sisters, kids with all your sway
As long as they’re your kin it’s unanswerable.

Stoop as low as the limbo trying out directors
Check they look away at things like falling numbers
Are unabashed by lower members
See what they want in double headquarters.

Real estate being their private game
Appreciation substitutes for compensation
Performance management merely manipulation
Certification bingo long ago went lame.

What market segment is ‘people like us’?
Who need tutoring to mark the letters on their card
No you’re not seeing double, yes two boards is absurd
Although it gives one hope you’ll make the cuts?

The lifetime terms come without a member vote
After a dismal decade wounded pride and no tomorrow
Finally a lion, less his mane, a would-be savior heard the crow
Sadly time will show he arrived just in time to evacuate.

And beneath the bloody rubble proof will show
He had first to tear the rot out by the roots
Carefully groomed by the red flamed clown in boots
Compensation is a bitch don’t ya know?

Blind, the flaming failing hid pathetic in plain sight
Now the fog lifts on a world at work repairing its facade
Fawning pawns of the queen’s regard dissemble over the decayed
Survey the regression to the mean as reality takes one last bite.



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