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Festering underneath and dining in the past

Crossing the pond to follow you around

Not swimming just bluffing tomorrow can be found

Aching concedes every battle to win the war at last

Make that call each morning at the mirror you vow

Try this then that my crown for a kingdom

Ruling fickle selling secret access to the chemical room

Until I sit my legs propped up he says the time is now

Shakes my hand and shames me with his perfect dental

Drills his crew to take my taxes afterward

Says his name is what, did he say Boyse, Richard

This birdman robs my heart, this Dick puts me on trial

His mob takes charge gives me the gas sublime

Aims his tools precisely each so high in pitch

His power plant runs through my night on his ignition switch

I am told my palms sweat bullets for this Mormon missed his prime

Landed in a fertile field on plates sent by fate

As if your place in line is pre-selected in advance

Picking up the drill his witch instructs the ritual dance

Asleep in my trance whose teeth are these, he’s takes a plate

Let’s it pass invites chaos come home to roost

Busted party in my mouth the neighbors called it in

An affair, an urban fraud to haunt us sad in our suburban

Cotton candy caramel apples taffy all dessert, I have been seduced.




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