Look Back to See the Road

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Look Back to See the Road

We rode in a gusty swirl our hair a parachute

Thinking took us back when forward we would go

As paralyzed by venom we limply went along

Why would we then look back at later times?


To question what was fate as might have been

Could this all be just desserts of suffering long ago

As gifts not wrapped their surprises dazzle

We stare transfixed we think by blessings undeserved.


Given such majestic offerings all absent any deal

Why question fate when it’s always been

As if to fly into the light pretending it’s the sun

We suppose no other being had the thought or yen.


But just to think, we stop, momentum slows

And always, eternal conscience takes over, grabs the wheel

It’s only a question when, fate leads on, blind we follow

It pierces skull, burrows through our nervous flesh.


Resisting as a wave defenseless against some lunar force

Only despair the reality of who we see beneath the paint

Perfumed and decorated, no possible escape, yet still we hide

As if to mock, Fate stares back a blinding after-glow.


Take another shot, wake up, steer straight ahead

Up awaken, stand up and test your strength

Exhilaration overwhelming pools of blood starved cold

Make a go, then plan, as senses take their nourishment.


No one to follow, Fate will lead unless you scream out No!

Turnover the stone, only home before you picked it out

As all the creatures scramble out, their universe gone lawless

Exposed to air and light could refresh yet does so with a fright.


As newness descends like night, declares this turf its own

It begins to age at once, powerless to defend

The creatures mend their lives left without a choice

Fate is at the wheel, will always ever be, look back to see the road.





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