Sonnet to Old Love

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Sonnet to Old Love

Some loves like butter some sweets savor honey

Some like it drier some live by the sea

Tempers temper as they lose their rage

Habits mellow start to shimmer as they age.

Survival is not a promise or a guarantee

Instead it’s like a gift card left for you and me

Buying time that seems to vanish as if it were on sale

Balances all bowing as your mitochondria start to fail.

Tasting that sweet stickiness of your tongue

Kissing me delirious, proof we are still young

Moments such as these we seize as our own

Enlisted as we are to yield to love’s cologne.

Where are you now? This love of mine growing old

Take me now again down south out of the cold

Back to our time of sweet, or if you’d rather savory

Like candlelight your smile still sets me free.


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