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Satyr And Day.
Projects Everyday.

Lose the time, make it go.
In my Garden find.
Gifts inside of time.
Lost in time, gone.
Or Hidden.
Where it matters not.

Built a wall the neighbors helped.
Those Callaways.
I fear.

Not special like Sonorans.
Shovels and wheelbarrows work.
Ignoring this regime?
We can try.

Finding time.
Did I let it go?
Why? Where did it go?
And now.
I write.

Retired, fired, burned out, sickened.
Spit Upon
The grave.
Made it thru
Almost everyday.
Scarred Inside and Out.

Healing. Resting.
Loved, Hugged, Cared and Caring.
Caress my heart.

Jammed music.
Noted notes discovered.
Soul finds souls.

Asked where would we go?
My people?
Younger now.
In age and loving.

Old is old.
Some cannot be told.
Go Away From Me.
I am older too.

Stay busy?
Well no.
This word, now twice
It is a bother.
Has no manners.
Unproductive too.

As for me,
Myths we tell ourselves.
Closed for good.

Can you feel your heart?
Stay until you do.

What makes you feel?
Can you afford?
Can you not?
Are you able?
Then when?

So do.
Me most days,
A hike, a garden and a poem.

Feeling just alright.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Do you need reminding?
Replanting somewhere new?

Work is demonic,
A misconception.
Forgive. Never forget
So many who got robbed.

Divine is what the vine
We prune
For juice so sweet.

What were we sold and told?
It would not be like this?

Close the shutters.
Make it dark again.
See the sunset.

In your mind,
Be brave.
You will succeed.
Doing just what you need.
Exactly that.
We salute you.

Kiss the whimsy.
Ink the feeling.
Your poetry. Your rhyme.
In Disguise?
We will find you, we are wise.

Our time is what we do.
How we love inside.
Read aloud, Your poem.
Favorites feelings healings.
We can try.
Before all,
And After all.

It’s Saturday.


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