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Dear #SHRM17 Attendees,

TGIF! #SHRM17 is here. The end of an era and the dawn of another begs the question, ‘Are You Ready’? From 50 years of work, beginning in the fields, here are a few gleanings to fortify you with reality and humor, sort of a counter-program to supplement #SHRM17 or #TotalRewards17 to give you the full picture of what is required of today’s successful workplace,

  • Meetings — yeah, we were doing morning and mid-day stand-ups even out in the field back then so meeting management is first on the list.
  • Kings — some people are meant to lead, others should be forbidden. Would that we would have the wisdom.
  • Red Queen  — in honor of Queen Noor of Jordan who improbably delivered the keynote address to the 2004 SHRM conference, also in New Orleans. Plus for every King there needs a Queen.
  • Opus Gropes  — let’s just say that de-tassling corn is hard work and requires a firm grip; this serialized six installment piece makes for some gripping reading you won’t want to put down, and concludes with constructive and actionable thoughts for a healthier organization. (Uber should have called me. All respect to Eric Holder’s team. It’s true!)
  • Selecting a Consultant  — our POTUS has a tough time getting his team in place, even months into his term, so this advice may be in order, or it might even explain his problem.
  • Appraisals — it would not be conference without a healthy discussion of performance? Even a sharp appraisal of the meta of appraisal.

Good stuff. Memories and imagination are the best companions, always. Cheers and safe travels. TGIF and have great fun! It is a city filled with so much history. Be a part of it and make some history yourself!


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