Sonnet to Sonora (Tears of a Golden Smile)

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As I set off today to ramble through

To wander in a land pristine I hardly knew

Colors breathe caress the warmth of living

Always on alert for those that fall, so unforgiving

Her quiet golden elegance cheered by Saguaran hillside choirs

Creatures so diverse their resilience our inspires

Praising above and all around the hidden sky

Patient for her time she waits to meet my eye

I stop in silent tribute as my tears begin to flow

Spirits lead my fervent prayer that our Sonora could e’er be so

Kneeling there I bowed my head in reverential awe

This frail gesture unseen except by stars, they each saw

As the sky began to blink unloosing boundless blue unbound

This day took me as its own as by my loins the desert crowned.

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