City of Angels

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We arrived in the North

With benefit of an X to mark our spot

Treasure Island it was surely not

Cyrillic letters turned our anticipation to mirth


It was Russians hosted us this weekend

Just a map was all our evidence

Their secrets they’d sell us like a parking pass

And so our adventure was in the wind


In this paradise of downtown LA

Between the devil and the deep blue sea

We sailed across the desert to Galilee

Mirrored monuments announce our passion play


Below us now we see a sparkling pool

Will there be white robes on judgment day

To hide our naked mistakes this holiday?

Pressured stains buried deep reveal our jewel.


Springtime without the birds

It must be magic makes the flowers

Beverly Hills’ Rodeo tames the towers

Clowns keep the change they shake down from the herds


Here Frank Lloyd Wright has a project

We had to see, just another dalliance

With salt sea air he charms his latest alliance

Unfinished now he’s dead, respecting perfect.


Left the walk of stars for the night sky

Who wants to see a concrete jewel

Splayed out for tourists’ drool

Death is in the air, get a selfie why?


Navigating ribbons back downtown

Figueroa greets us on the roof

It’s time, the shadows announce their proof

For the countdown to the mystery Crown


First on high the soft serve starts to melt

Anticipating sweets we below wait rapt

Like scouts for gemstones yet untapped

Mezzo soprano pierces each note felt


First a capella, then orchestral genius too

Until Neptune is summoned from the deep

Mesmerized by our prayer even he is forced to weep

Our gift for ever and beyond we thank you


Into the night we scatter lost

Wandering up and down until she takes my hand

Then with faith I walk upright across this land

Climbed the stairs to the South we crossed


This evening memory is now at end

Held softly close in every pore

Realizing when there is no more

Reduced to search, dark skies portend


This city of light become our city of angels

His soft Castilian tongue in robes washed white

Imploring all to find a love we have inside

Absorbed in passion’s blaze we feel the ancients


Then here the pastel perfect nuclear house

Three in pinks and blues between the two

She in blonde and he as polished as a shoe

They are we in this transaction we acquiesce


The oldest trades our gifts, her basket

Would it be enough to heal or tarnish?

The wine and wafers plus the chemist

Prepare the velvet soft to crush our casket


We hear his words, we know them true

He is imploring, letting his heart have a word

Hovering over all, like a hummingbird

Asks, “Do you feel God’s love in you?”









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