The Winter of My Brothers

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When one in the forest falls

Taller than all the others

My sweet Indian friend it calls

He knows and stops his daily chores

Watching as the first ice forms

Transforming magically the structure of the lake

Each wave in challenge, pattern unrehearsed performs

With fingers each unique sculpting ice for Winter’s sake

Whistling through her jawbones

Lips peeled back in fierceness bared

In frenzied rage she looses all her nature’s drones

The season’s end emphatically declared

Roaring through the gray forbidding sky

God’s enormous strength to show

Merciless even to these old growth pines so high

That day a wind was stronger than any we would know

A lone osprey circled us intent on her survival

Wings spread rapting greeting the wind her friend

She cruised the lift off our icy gale

Till with her catch she left us to our end

Fat cocky jays their morning they declare

Shake proud their crest of jagged blues

As plumes announcing in the sky they dare

While distant fires prove their work renews

One of a kind he was white and ruddy blushing

A voice for song his was special made

Smile extended wide as if to shake, not touching

Secrets countless, his life was on parade

Red and sturdy round and rough

Proud his Irish charmed that day

Each story fanned his gift for bluff

Pouring out his mind, the bourbon has its way

Weaving tale and heart that night

We sip together, share our fire

Tipping soldiers, they all fall down

Riding far our stories gallup till we tire

We sleep detached alone, we think we choose

In spite our fates reveal our perfect constellation glows

Weep with me my brothers as I weep for you

Weep for me my brothers as I weep with you.

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