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When it hits the world is balanced on horns of hate
The sex reveals, an intoxicant
Drugs prescribed as lubricant
All of this I see now
Looking back through fog.

Because when we motivate we incite
Profound changes echo chambers
Of the mind we learn evil
More than just aware those
Red forked dancing silhouettes.

And so this fat genie not all of which
Is hair certain not brains
Thus we have met the weaks
Bedazzled mobs crowding round
Gazing into silver screens.

He may be the one of which the book
Our insecurity the creed
Inspired in us our better hates
He is come unto us
Flagellants we bow and grovel.

What race are we the human race of
Creatures small of strength
With brawny brains and creepy hearts
We invented god on earth
Pretending he does heaven.

Yet we know nothing but ourselves
Even then not a wit
Imagining utopia from the gates
Our hell is hella suburb
Creepy headstones every corner.

What is it in us speaks
In words without an alphabet
What is the meaning of an egg
Shelled cities babies crying
Once they loved alive.

Rivers flow in one direction
What if it were not
Imagine different dreams
Language of our heart
Shining life shining light?

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