the Crazy Truth

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Poisonous hearts live forever on the blood of others

Re-naming pictures of the pain you feel

Explained pedantically by some textbook authors

Scream another meaning peeling skin from real.

Declaiming twilight twice the arbiter of fate

Decrees corrupt the dark decides if we’ll see the light?

It appears another doctorate may have been too late?

Case you wonder, goodbye love, the alternative is night.

From our vantage point above the philharmonic

Spiders hanging as they do ‘cept this time on every note

It’s cables, tiny brains of Sauron his eyes demonic

Our world, behind his curtain. We think we have the vote?

Anchors lost their buoyancy, it comes with being a stiff

Sclerotic empty cages crashed our nervous system

Don’t blame the stars with denials of ‘but if’

Acceptance and confession,  our sin we would not resist him.

Lay away our dreams, your children’s Christmas too

For the wolf is at the door, don’t call the NRA

Time for school, what them 90’s neglected to do

Open up our hearts and minds let the sunshine have a say.

Called but once in a generation odd

A man’s ears resist the chill tickle of lazy

Lifted up by honest fear of a disappearing god.

Rise up reclaim the feeling, your right to be free from crazy.

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