What Do You See?

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Saw three owls last night
Before I could wake today
Dark left me this sight

That night long before
One attacked just after dusk
Clawed me three long scar

Clan of the Cave Bear
Was what I thought in retreat
Would be three to share

That chapter ended
And I forgot til later
As another closed

Why I write this thought
Remembering 63
Chapter One was shot

Like an owl omen
Before I would learn to fly
We had to move on

Flightless drifting years
Hiding pain, scratching, clawing
An angel appears

Second owl bespeak
Hunting below Abbey’s watch
Aztec was his peak

Family asleep
I poke the fire alive
Witch cowboy coffee

Sip dawn’s quiet light
Teasing mischief does the smoke
Children dream all night

Find their grandparents
Gone away before their time
Kids can make no sense

Why the rabbits hide
And the doves panic to fly
When the raptors glide

Do we know our dreams
Lingering at dawn’s glowing
Our imaginings

Was three owls last night
Before I can see the day
Of a full lifetime

Three, the trinity
Has been waiting restlessly
Perhaps judging me

Don’t look all so smug
Dreams are made that all might see
What’s ordained by blood

Not a lightning bolt
Maybe molten lava melt
We dare not revolt?

The end’s retired
Quick though its introduction
Wants to be indulged

Forced to cancel faith
Trade in love’s touch to survive
Lies we cannot breathe

We should not see three
Owls the wild’s imprimatur
Pray that we do see

What were those verses
Books buried in the clutter
Researched by prophets

Before we would be
What’s the use if we deny
What it is we see?

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