An Unconventional Christmas Card

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Greetings! It’s time, some things old, some things new, and me of course, thinking of you.  Merry Christmas and all that kind of thing. Take your time, and come back to these select holiday treats as time permits. Just a few declamatory treats for you this holiday, a tradition I grew up with, declamation that is, intended to be read aloud and enjoyed by any and all who enjoy the written word and declaiming it to the family, friends, indeed to the world if you desire! Cheers! From holidays gone by and to holidays still to come, Season’s Greetings and Felicidad to all!

First a nod to where we live, how we came to be here, and where we’re headed! “Smile both of us is how I picture us” Fly

Venturing forward, let us pledge to be grateful, to keep our eyes open along the way lest we miss a thing!

Be especially on the lookout for Bears, yes the Bears especially! chupacabraThere she was across she stood…”

Yes, you would be forgiven for not knowing my Bears inspired a play. What play would that be you ask? You simply must tell us?

Ok? Well of course, it’s, …”I could float away with that line”, Man in a Spacesuit


But enough with the allusions and mild homilies. Greetings would not be complete without homage to all we have to be grateful for? 

So let us dial up the proper frequency, shall we? oldchristmastree                                          “…Promise of the dawning skies”, Christmas Mourning

and also

Remembering Christmas cheers past,IMG_2292 “A kiss to each a memory saved of Christmas now”, Christmas 1995

And of course,

all my family, kids, friends and loves, all of whom I remain forever yours, still in love, you’re the best, the reason for my gratitude,dawn IX. o IX., “Companions of mine through the miles”

One day, perhaps soon,

When the wind blows chill as it surely will, what you will remember when there is no more and   snowpresents   “parts of me are old and falling apart”?

So my friends, enjoy the season, love one another, take time to be with your family at this time, no matter the holiday you celebrate, from me for sure I wish you always Merry Christmases and Mucho Felicidad!

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