Man In a Spacesuit

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Setting                   Perhaps a picnic table, perhaps a bench near
the lake, perhaps the dining table, perhaps the garden, or better yet
cruising along in a convertible?                                      


Spacesuit Man     Featureless man, in a bulky suit, isolated.

 Dancing Bear     Large bear, heavy, cumbersome, dances as if in
slow motion, relatively immobile, despite his name.

 Dragon Fly       Airily light, translucent, skittering and scattering,
floating along on the breeze, with a reflective quality that captures
and transforms the light.

(At Rise: Drifting along peacefully, as he gradually opens his eyes, stretching from his meditative pose; first he notices the stars, his jaw drops, then he spies the forest and the mountains and is in rapt awe, then he sees his children and his vision is obscured by tears, then his field of view narrows to his surroundings and he sees nothing.)

Spacesuit Man: (to himself) What was that green gazpacho in the tube? Seems it’s left my tummy sour? Astronaut food? Or is it the gravity, perhaps I am just missing my favorite. You can’t get a decent burrito nowadays. The future is still not here it seems.


Ouch who’s there? What was that? Hello?


Oh, it’s you, Mr. Bear. Should have known it was you, always leaning on me with your heavy paws, can you ever let go of me with your claws? What do you want this time, seems your only virtue is to rhyme?

Dancing Bear: Oh you know me, I don’t want anything, I don’t need anything, I’m just here for the ride. You take me everywhere. Speaking of which, aren’t you supposed to be somewhere?

Spacesuit Man: Oh Bear, you don’t even care. You show up and don’t even ask how I am?

Dancing Bear: Ok, how are you? But before we forget, don’t we have some place to be? That Playwriting class you’re all excited about? It’s Monday? But you know, I’m just here to help, give you a push, help you with your load.

Spacesuit Man: Help me? Is that what you call it? You ARE my load! You lean on me, load me up, remind me, tag along, and you care not a whit about me, you’re just along for the ride, you let me carry you everywhere, you don’t ask, you don’t help, you don’t say thanks, you just worry me along. Fine Dancing Bear you are. You are not what I was promised.

Dancing Bear: Complaining, complaining, complaining, I don’t see anybody listening? And …. you’re not getting anywhere, either. See?

Spacesuit Man: Thanks for asking, NOT.  I don’t feel well? Something I ate? You ever had green gazpacho?

Dancing Bear: Don’t talk food with me, you know I have more than enough to keep me sated. I worry about your Dad? He’s a worry? Or your kids, how about them, plenty of worry there? And your wife, what were you guys arguing about anyway? Was it money again? Are you catching a cold? Sounds like your throat is scratchy?

Spacesuit Man: Shhh, will you give me some peace here. Here I drift along, minding my own business, trying to think about nothing, or at least happy thoughts, and then along you come, just like every other time I’m trying to find my mind and you remind of each and everything thing that clogs, with you it’s all I find. Fine Friend. You call yourself a dancing bear?

Dancing Bear: Friend? Hey I dance like I got no worries, just here to remind you of yours, ha.

(Beat, suddenly Dancing Bear is in a panic. Seems he feels he’s being attacked by an ever so slight, if beautiful and persistent creature.)

Hey, get outta here, quit buzzing around me, you know I hate dragons, dragon flies are close enough. Go buzz around someone your own size.

(Swats his paws at nothing. Ambles away, attempting agility and speed.)

Spacesuit Man: Thanks for that.

(He is speaking to an orange and violet colored, fluttering, shimmering magic. It is a Dragon Fly, naturally.)

You have the touch. Nothing I can say will make the bear go away, until along you come and the world turns right side up!

Dragon Fly: Right side wrong side I don’t know anything but the blind side when I take the wind for a ride, and then here I am. I think I have something for you, but surely I cannot know whatever it might be?

Spacesuit Man: Past experience tells me I should stop and think. You see my tummy is on the blink. What was it my wife said to me,

(Beat, remembering.)

Oh, Breakfast At Tiffany’s? Is that tonight on Monday too? Why yes it is. Thank you Dragon Fly, but oh, whatever will I do?

Dragon Fly: (Thoughtfully, somberly.) Breakfast is the nectar of life.

Spacesuit Man: Profound, I am found, I’m riding on the wings of a dragon, even if it is a fly. Fly is good. Perhaps some lemon water, and then a date with the wife, oh, and did you say Audrey Hepburn? Oh Dragon Fly, you take Dancing Bear’s worries far away, I have no need for them today as NPR has paid my way, to see Audrey with my wife in a cinematic play.

Dragon Fly: Your carriage awaits.

Spacesuit Man: Thank you but for us we’ll walk, but if you could, please, please would you stalk? My Dancing Bear far into the wood? Take my worries too, he left with me as is his way, return them kindly he’s powerless with you, your wings my worries feel how light they weigh.

(Later that evening, walking home after the movie with his wife, stepping lightly.)

Darling, you know what my favorite line is? No wait, my favorite is that her name is Holly Golightly, that’s my favorite. My all time, all time favorite. But when she says, Audrey I mean, it’s Holly says it in the movie, you know what I mean, it makes me dizzy, that “Reading dreams. That’s what started her walking down the road. Every day she’d walk a little further: a mile, and come home. Two miles, and come home. One day she just kept on.”


It makes me feel almost like I could float away with that line. So happy right now, just dreaming, with you.

(Thoughtfully after a few moments.)

But honey?  I don’t think green gazpacho agrees with me.

The End

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