melania’s moment

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#thrivemode begin now
before make joke remember
#bebest does not care

in Slovenia?
lovely summers, healthy spas
but no Trump hotel

perhaps it #bebest?
since our long dark winter
shrinkage improve view

we have winter too
though, don’t forget about us
your hostage fan club

here we take a knee
and pray winter comes soon
for all our kids’ sake

best and thrive no mix
and Apple is forbidden
cleaving us, his Sin

soon we’ll pay tribute
bigly to his Chin, with Covfefe
His yearly charade

what if i come in 
from cold, meet the Mueller, be
your Dolomite Queen?

make our nightmare end
please soon, then we celebrate
real fake news, He’s Fired!

learning our lesson?
right now #thrivemode is Mueller 
for #bebest to live.




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