Historical Numbers

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You’re always thinking of number 1, but you may want to think about others too? For instance, maybe a

number 2, a partner to help lighten the load? Else, the

3 in one, the trinity with its mystery and complicated relationship with paternity, or even dig deeper and discover

8.33%, or the 1 in 12, chance that one in your network will betray you, yes of course Judas still lives, what evidence do we have of his death? Yes, even fractions can be problematic, consider the

3/5 rule and its dark wisdom that blacks be valued in this ratio to whites, it’s in the constitution though of course it’s claimed to be just for purposes of representation, and it resists all attempts to fix it further. So what’s to do? There’s even now a guideline claiming that selecting minorities at 4/5 the rate as whites will meet the threshold for avoiding a charge of putative discrimination, telling us that with the passage of some hundred’s years, minorities have now been promoted by exactly 1/5! This notion offered up in 1968 as a part of the Uniform Guidelines by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has successfully memorialized the crime with a fractional indicia as a new compromise for a minority selection standard other than full equality. Because equal is so hard, an arbitrary number less than one of course is deemed preferable, if not satisfactory, as the slightly less equal answer to history’s expectation that it’s generally best if one is at least 4/5 white, and not just for government work either, and then of course almost before you know it you’re

33, the age at which Jesus died, by crucifixion of course, given our penchant for fundamentalist hatred, but look at what he accomplished, making the rest of us, by definition sinners, right?

76 and 81 are right in that vein, buddies sharing duties as the length of the threads for our time on earth, and it seems right that the man’s is shorter and the woman’s is longer if you believe in merit, although since both numbers are now in decline there’s more than one side of merit and this may be some proof?

9/11 is for me and my Dad’s birthday, at least it used to be, until it was conscripted as a paid political ad for the vile demographic of fear thriving in cretinous corners of America, which we celebrate it seems everyday in a bullet-fueled rage screaming our own fundamentalist mania, plaguing us even as we shoot down upon those unarmed innocents below us, which takes us all the way to

500 years ago, the anniversary of both the slave trade in North America and the Reformation where the Protestants discovered sailing and Africa and rum and triangles, and the geometry of lust and greed that takes forever to repair, until

5 million human beings were emancipated hundreds of years later as a start, though such a feeble start it would be easily undermined a few short years later by Russia’s voracious appetite to play the historical pest again as

150 million ad-view shares sold by RT Russian Television via our own FaceBook abetted Trump’s coup d’etat of our Whitehouse, triumphantly declaring it his to own, for certain the first ever Russian-aligned, read that controlled, president the United States has ever had, which should not  surprise considering their oligarch minions, Putin’s too, are all related and said to hold

$4 billion US dollars, which sounds low and I’m not buying it, in net worth as Trump’s cabinet selected for their gifts to dominate and harass our government from serving we the people, enough to sober up the American dream for good, yet all the while we blithely waltz along to

10 billion people which no matter how great we are is too many people for this earth to hold, if for no other reason than

it’s just not fair to the earth, it was here when we were nil.

Which should be enough to bring us back to One?




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