monotonous clown

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get naked get wicked
free the bored room of clothes
we know what we see
get hung up on what
giggling snorting like last night
molly slipped someone some molly
stripped our freedom to choose
stopped the water mid-fall
ruined postcards and whatever more

wait in the dry thirst of a powder milk biscuit
desert life poised on the edge of the end
your own making results of your deeds
if it’s all the same let’s call it greed
take care its close cousin eyes you with lust
reservation inseparable from its invitation
of course we share the same father
watching over us spinning busy evolving
new life forms glow in the distant wake of our past

sweat cooks dense in tears handmade
complicated ‘haps for the simples
give their best, worse it’s sincere
picnic baskets empty of lunch chewed thru their prayers
smiles as empty as grins look at their teeth
think act of god? it was them all along
explains trophies of plastic how dull they shine
lattice of lies sparkling sharkskin
POTUS prestige count the lies in his lining

crowds confirm once is enough, howls in arrears
rookies imperfectly innocent looking askance
exactly when was it we lost the fox?
here, start again give the horn a blow
wind on the moon and capitol cheese
smearing truth in a dirty haboob
fewer pores than the single leaf
no charge to fix the electrical after our storm
we’re seized, in thrall to this double-chinned whore

began again this year worse than the last
rearranged life we thought we could own
the right to stay sane or at least the same
fake calm awaits real news his departure is here
feelings sink as his weight refuses to lift
darker, heavier too we pray for the dawn
Its dominance replaced Our forever with a fossil
apathy ends when you no longer will carry his debt
who gave him the club? now he’s lost in the rough

P. S.

his burden remains like a poisonous lead
the smell of a goat, shit we carry as dread
forever, how long the stench of the dead?
plenty of time to clean out that shed.


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