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extrude a little more, just like that

smelt it melt it incinerate the rest

fill up your diesel, gas the german monkey

drop shipped to the corner store

cue screaming tips and babied wipes dive bombing droning

in our ears through our pipes and down our drains

mullein is softer but the patent has expired

plastic liners and diapers by the barrel

handwashing is a crime against all progress

it would seem, please pass the plastic water

sooty fumes smudge our windows

dark clouds cover our escape

God’s acoustics boom long and loud like Booth

declared our life a noisy putrid mess

footprints deserve our apology

insulting as we do with our excuses

these explosions of filth and greed

devouring a planet from the inside out

launching off with new execrables

the future yet to be fermented by our hugs

this virus of humanity without a care

no cure is the essence of our design.

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