The Chuckwalla Symphony, Opus 575, in 3 parts

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1.0 Thoughts and Prayers

tag it? outlaw paint
meth? get rid of those cold meds
that’s the way we do

C-4 hurts no one
it’s us People Do of course
still it’s illegal

cars can kill us too
all of us love them, but still
insurance is law

point at guns, no one
should be disallowed their rights
please pass the stupid

laws for the insane
domestic abusers too
even terrorists

every one of them
we write the laws just for them,
thoughts and prayers for us

pretty soon we’ll be
shooting all of us up, yes
make amurKa hate.

creature delights
2.0 Kochs and Geldings

abandon all hope
fellating Koch Industries
Ryan’s Paul’s first dibs

then’s the GOP
bended knee for these old goats
Chuckin David’s H

bending low to take
what moral impotence gives
each disgusting drop

obfuscations’ spit
Mitch gladly gulps and gobbles
Leader loves his cake

castrated piglets
Joanie gelds them earnestly
Jeff goes all hang dog

these boys pissed our beds
male whores surrendered our jewels
schemed for Koch’s wet dreams

leaving us for dead
mad hatter shot the Sheriff
Sessions’ cockscomb grinned.

3.0 Chuckwalla Love

in all seriousness
red-tailed chuckwallas have tales
what if we listened?

they sing a new song
chuckwalla’s  listen good too
they dreamed of us first

how we love our guns
delusions so powerful
they make us shoot kids

red-tails have guns too
they seduce us with peaceful
life under their sun

we’re so mad we’re stunned
left to our own devices
no one’s right it seems

but what if we stop
take stock, reload our hearts
remember that, love?

red cinnamon skies
lizard stars twinkling life
can we learn to love?

Fire and Light


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