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Prince Philip and Jesus
Gave all not at all
Walk a mile in their boots if you will
Amphibious heels their cargo precocious.

The Chump spins his adoring base
Promises new kinds of great
All he covets is the trappings of office
Let’s trade, call him Chairman of Hate?

Marionette Boss comes fully disabled
Full frontal governance looms unstrung
Drive it on condition it’s fully disabled
New car smells like conspiracy but will it run?

The Deputies, all their Assistant
Working on pleasure ’til pleasing is breached
Stairs lead up and down but there cannot be reached
Pray we see home before our ascent.

Our lovers, nurses all kinds of Healers
Salve for the joints and aids for my ears
One day it happens you quit thinking in years
Sunrise and holidays celebrate tears.

Who would know, if not You?
Searching for something brand new
Chasing chaos what hides in plain view
A moment, a single grain, a new star, is true?


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