Paying the Bills

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again already? all these envelopes

blessed be the expiries that bind
mischievous seditions tease your mind
they smile so cute it makes you blind
we belong we absolutely do if you would be so kind
from your remove to approve of what you find

toss away these papers drowning all our hopes

dreams are far superior, of course i think of you
the time we lost ourselves and disappeared from view
we searched that old bizarre stealing jade for you brand new
swiftly i became your mule, surely there were others too
with special charms and privilege due your chosen few

depending for our lives on what the passports say

when did living acquire one more predicate
the right to life, at birth is abrogate
both sides now and a wall without a gate
leaving only questions and the hysteria of hate
pounded home each day like a mile long train of freight

just paper and glue transmit these voices’ claims for what we owe therein

there is no time or way for us to pay our savior
foolishness, considering how we scold our neighbor
thinking as we do that we know better is our greatest failure
unhearing, unthinking brutes explains most of our behavior
one day we will kneel, how else to repay our maker?





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