A Circle Broken

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This grain of sand, a mere speck of dust
Might be a diamond?
We inhabit as our possession and our right
To spoil the air
To foul the water
To scar the mountains’ majesty
To gray the color of paradise
To sentence life to death
We cannot share this gift granted us by whom?

We are homo sapiens, so we think
When we cannot have what we want
To dominate to subjugate to take dominion
We preach love and grant the unborn rights
And say we love the Earth
And so we do
To death
This grain of sand, a mere speck of dust.
It was a diamond.

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  1. Definitely, we as humans have never quite fully realized our responsibility nor our purpose as caretakers on this revolving planet, our earthly Home!
    I keep getting irritated at people who say it is a “conspiracy” that we are losing ice at the Poles, that we are losing oxygen, animals and foliage. Extinction is what we deserve, many of us at least.
    You expressed this so well, James.

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