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slept with Chopin chewing chocolates in my cheeks
folded money meant for me and sizzling marbled meats

stealing stolen confidence like sappy smiling schmucks
admire their screaming Munch unblinded eyes behold the cucks

brutal brushstrokes broken now like brittle varnish
flooding over top of life we drown in coffins’ melted carnage

balance finds primeval competition sipping blood disguised as wine
treading in a trance following the flumes of filthy swine

our lives’ borrowed chemistry checked off by the EPA
how much makeup will it take to smile this stench away?

with dark will they return the nocturnes He did play?
might I be a fly upon the wall of the eve of that noted day?

will we awaken a new dawn, a new sunrise in the east?
Oh! is there another delight or taste could be so sweet?



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