Orion’s Arrow

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Orion’s shining, Winter watches frozen
While we pile dead bodies limbs a-splay
Stunning what he must have seen on his rounds
Beyond the stars in our own eyes

Still months to go before the Spring
Dreaming cold and gently heaving
Up the arms and legs some hanging by a thread
Forgetting not so long ago how black blood does stain

Hunting for more he goes round and round
Same as always we play and pay him no heed
Our dreams and sleepy days faze non
A frenzy of accidents, some thank the divine

Cleverly aiming his bow straight in his design
Silent he knocks before he lets it loose
Missing the bear its errant once again
Unless it’s time to land and call your name?

As Winter comes round his sailing arc
Spying through blind eyes heedless of the dark
Below we hide terrified waiting for the light
When we will rise again to toss another on the pile

So heavy the dead lie eyes fixed cold
Some scarred or crushed beneath our genius
Others severed pieces ripped in bloody shreds
They pile up in the cold until the fire’s hot

High above the laughing bear goes on his way
Scraping under rocks for grubs and sweets
Somehow this gives us another day
Preoccupied with pleasures’ reflecting mirrors

Leaving us a phantom frost of life eternal
All we know piled up high against the door
Behind which hides the secret of the Sun
We don’t want to know just yet, too busy with our dead

Winter’s bonfire blinds us to Orion
Parties playing children sing distractions
The cold outside we hide from what we know as life
‘Til his arrow piercing falls, maybe painless, silencing a heart.



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