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was Monday morning somewhere
woke with a tickle on my tongue
we smiled I pissed and missed again
directions lost in a dream

was Wednesday morning in the desert
woke in hospital with a tube stuck in my arm
another smile we talked about the sunrise
doctor’s name was Jonas, no not Salk

now Friday’s summons, back to bed
together whispering sweet Magyar poems
love and dreams the sweetness of the sheets
her magic spell ordains

between burdens we carry back and forth
dropping more than we pick up
giving back reflections on the water
best friends lovers we sail away

may we meet again on the moon one day?
reunion with the dust distilled from our lives
touching, forbidden by plastic suits
watching, remembering what some call the vapors

on a back porch in a magic valley
some bliss with chocolates and a single barrel
telling stories with smiles we shared
a trip post the solstice laughing hearts of light.

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