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No more nonsense,
Did you pay your rents?

Keep our meeting short in fashion
Fine tuned to your entomological challenge
Microscopic attention spans the prawn’s proboscis
Impaled on lips inflamed, infected love don’t make a fuss.

No more nonsense,
Only recompense.

Opinions emanate penumbra like diseased goo
Lurking for advice the chambermaid calls it poo
Enfeebled in a cinched up strip mall’s cost free nonsense
See her cherubim drunk on grog, slept it off in tents.

No more nonsense,
Worth two pence.

Leans her cleavage in, sentence of death
Smothering thoughts before first breath
Hers is not so sweet, cuts like a poisoned torch
Pretending to be boss reveals her bones a scourge.

No more nonsense,
So intense.

Wandering in the darkest silence
Father tried doctors’ magic over common sense
Prayed to comprehend her preternaturalness
Sacrificed himself instead of live with her repulse.

No more nonsense,
Burn the incense.

Now her past is his ten feet deep
A shoe size familiar with her reek
There was comfort she kept hidden down her throat
When god decided we would suffer she could gloat.

No more nonsense,
Makes no sense.

Sabotage the life of nature’s pluck
Where did you live before your lost gave up?
Came out to play, your inner demons gave it suck
Feelings long suppressed like piss in a communion cup.

No more nonsense,
Makes you tense.

Cannot be helped compulsions of the skull
Painted face and lifted cuts
Bribe the mirror to lie and carve that ass a ball
The vise turns screaming crack deez nuts.

No more nonsense,
A modest defense.

Her nostrils flared, her lips dripped blood
Laughing she destroyed the shrine to our redbud
Stealing silence deadly winds her belches warn dissent
This Aphrodite of the darkest demons cannot pay her rent.

No more nonsense,
Send for common sense.

We learn to cower as the shrew begs egypt for a date
Loneliness strangles the doubting frozen pearl can not be sate
Refusing to come a monster calls her out
The crowd cracks salty snickers, cheering up her spite.

No more nonsense
Pray, vas deferens.

That’s the way, conclusion cold as witches’ tits
Robbing identities, strangling servants, matching half wits
Executed by committee in deceit, fakery designed with a glove
Carved a legacy, her trophy made of waste and gotten rid of.

No more nonsense,
Makes no difference.


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