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Puzzle had an idea she was a picture

Made a muse my elation, a ghost?

Prayer thanked mine eyes to find her

Falling to pieces fit her innermost

Treasure buried, close my eyes to remember

You look away the moment it blooms

Fearing to behold love’s face

Inside fairy tales’ giants march in their costumes

Saving hearts for steps we might retrace

Sweet night’s fragrance, your jasmine perfume

Waking in a world with this secret

Exploding in journeys retaking the sky

Proclaiming hearts bursting they scream it

Do you see? You gave me the key

It burns in my chest my heart can’t conceal it

Enchanting our candle, two flames burning blue

Breathless and tingles you lend me your care

Taking our clue from incense in Chengdu

All the way to the rail with you I dare

Break the spell, hot wax kisses us brand new

My desert daydream magic the mountain

Do I thank you enough for this eternal you share?

Was it real or just spray from the fountain?

Got me wet I can feel it still there

Waiting and aching my bones can’t contain

This mystery of thought we live in just now

Could it be we don’t want it to stop?

Or deeper meanings our Makers endow?

Don’t solve it just yet please, once more from the top?

Any clue, any sign, let me know

When time makes us small one day dream again please

That night’s shiver surrendering to you

Feeling your healing our shared joy embraced

Raging with song shatter the dance melt into one

Toast our hearts till the next glass is raised.

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