Song of Longing

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When reason called us in its pattern

We obeyed as if entranced or certain

Marched in habit to its power beat

Never guessed that we might meet.

Brushing together now, again

Chills run through me thrill my skin

Each seed a doubt for rationality

Just partners, friends, maybe family?

Now I lay awake in thoughts of strife

I’ve brought you home to meet my life

This passing dream now manifest

And we planned to get some rest?

Our journey over so we thought

Each a plan ahead won’t be forgot

Still for you and me there’s more

My heart entangled all in your.

Silence feelings deep, lest we miss what is so near

Hold each moment, strands of time see them clear

Believe, be strong we have the stage

Co-write our story page by page.

As like a falling star, its trail so bright

Frames your profile, dazzling night

Fragrances of spring, sweet so brief

Shall we freeze them ever etched in mind’s gold leaf?

One candle burning brighter, it’s reflection

Of your spirit feeds pure rays of sun

Kneeling, gazing up in awe, at glass and beams

Was this cathedral’s magic, made it more than seems?

Sparkling eyes ignite your smile with fire

Touching accidentally shivers shimmer

Breathless then, I still recall

And wonder we together after all.

Emotion like a bird’s song heard at dawn

Upon our hill, our moment cannot be withdrawn

We saw the angel overhead, a smile to bless

Signs and mystery lead or follow, no dismiss

We are bound, now our fate we cannot contain

Savoring ever, running back, pulses pounding in the rain

Trying to draw in deeply, hiding each to calm.

Our beating hearts, they chant our psalm.

Now we loyal return to our commitment

Their bonds, our honor, until now content

Yet sharing each so much ignites

Inspired light, a vision for the nights.

If we are to wrong, right has no say

Yet others hurt may sue that day

Powerless we heard the call, demanded to be heard

This chance unplanned, wisely we deferred.

For now I only ask you not say no

And in return these words will grow

Filling pages, books with loving petal

Trunks of longing holding silent your recital.

Alongside saddened notes and songs yet done

Both will be our destiny, love will mend what has begun

Spreading roots of passion deep

As nectar feeds, this love can never sleep.

Though not yet, I like to think we are

Partnered spirits, connecting from afar

A fate apart, yet faithful in our time

Our moment sublime, we wait for two to rhyme.

Now make no plan, dreaming there might be

A future time, our stars will watch to see

Our song of longing always there, our starlight in the day

Lay me now with thee to sleep and carry me away.


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