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A puzzle in pieces, who will put us back together?

Edges bruised and broken, swollen, soaked in others’ blood

Perfect picture once reflected beauty of our Maker

Now a mirror for tortured tears, She cannot re-make us whole.

Knives and bullets cut attackers’ hearts with death

Explode, rip and gore soft targets of their face

We stare blind as blades of shrapnel, poison gas our breath

This carnage of skills intensifies, dead babies’ grins deface.

Children screaming haunting mothers from the grave

Their innocence declared a legend by the lunatic

Agonizing branding pain sears and scars the brave

Infecting later generations’ promises the mutant heretic.

Each day we wake to paint and polish private perjury

Justifying make believe we live in chosen ignorance

Shield our eyes from pain and hurt to make it far away

Fixing our addiction, the hope that Judgment is a myth.

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