God is Red*

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Like a ring in a well
Forged from an old bell
I heard its charming call
Long after losing it in my fall

He is risen, he is red
Splashing across my sky it’s true
After three, seems he heard me as I prayed
With wings of grace in a field of blue

Climbing gliding high above me
Shows me his place lifts me there too
I raise my arms lost in glee
My prayer answered I feel brand new

How is it nature calls our heart
Does it matter our heads are turned
Inward at worry tearing us apart
Gloria! God  will not be spurned

He is red and all the colors shining
Brightly buried deeply in the heart
Proudly waits to catch your eye in mourning
A bridge of love to mend what’s torn apart

Hands outstretched my groan the ache of Paul
Somehow escapes my propriety
Who knows if people wonder at my call
God is red and risen right above me

Hear the echo ring from deep within the hole
Bouncing off the walls a greater love will never toll
Is it yours, is it ours, does it care to know
I found at last the ring I lost buried down below.

*(All apologies to Vine Deloria. I pray he would approve.)


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