Yeast for Two

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Tip my glass again feel its last drop
The beer brewed now gone just a thought
Still thirsty her taste lingers as if to stop
Not yet just resting desires hot

Our passion groans under the weight of pleasure
Sizzling hot ready to make our doughboy
Kneading each we gently raise our treasure
Afternoon chemistry laughs at our enjoy

Never made it out of her liquid opal eyes
One day long ago now on our calendar
Steam rises still underneath our hidden skies
Desire waits its time to enjoy what is leavened here

Some have a recipe others a gift
What treats will be have been here from our first
We were only words and eyes sharing a spoon to lift
Lentils, tas kebap, and pita unrehearsed

Did chemistry bring us together?
A dash of life stirs in us to know
Our sugars turned to dab the dough
Peasants’ day old crusty bread with love we savor.

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