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Hectored by it’s true her name was Dorcas
She and bowl cut fashions come and go
But there she stood til I did cuss
Leaned over to intrude beyond her rut with dark eyeglow

Her tapes were mixed with slurs and lips that stick
Exo she could have been but ‘stead she chose Dorcas
Had she left me sip my Zapoteco drink and think
I had another show that night, with just a few of us

Met her son though first, a nice young man
They called him something maybe prodigy?
Sure he’s lucky just to survive his ma’am
See Dorcas is his anchor he must tow through all the sea

Slapped on his back, he has to play the blues
Innocent orb awaits his rescue from her Canaan
Here the story makes its sense, let us not confuse
His burden, Dorcas, insists to carry gig to gig he’s playin

Behind the bar secure from the venom of these snakes
They poured and watched the view on mute
Poured me three nice grogs to raise the stakes
It’s worse than they could think, she was a brute

Had I surrendered all my blood to her
Memorized all her vacant lies and lines
Even those lifted off her dead ghost writer
Force fed my teeth ground fine on her strychnines

Even after dreams between, my skin still clammy crawls
Beneath the caveats of the evening’s promised promise
Los Muertos rising high to light November’s protocols
Like vapors creeping from the crevices of our souls

To seek the light and warm us with hosannahs!
Searching our free will like we know where we left it
Least when we are choosing our bananas
Emotions bubbling wake us from the pit

What were your demands again my dear?
Please not the same old tapes, take away those fangs
Was gonna plant another tree to check in 20 year
Maybe it can check on me, if we survive these harangues?

PS, My Mindy sweet agave roasting in the night
Taken, stolen really like a flower ‘fore it’s bloomed
Perhaps one day we find that nectar opens bright
Me and you? Our bottle waits its chance to be consumed.



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