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don’t tell me what I can see for myself
tomorrow’s sunrise will be even better
first get me away from these strangers’ questions
screaming, calmly we search for the sun
numbly floating over this newborn
discovery of a tenderfoot, if it really happened

bravery — as it’s being reported
some fool ran into the fire
they say it was brave to be foolish
who are we fooling?
foolishness fuses talking with running and panics
pretending we know how a heel would react

who knows what you might do
look at what we have become
imagine a world without need of heroes
all gone dead long ago as heroes can do
is this the peace that passes we seek
flares the nose and surrenders to the fight or flight?

if you clear your thinking with lightning
it keeps your sanity sane arresting at home
kneeling alone, calling in a coward’s prayer
the hot flush of blood, the turned cheek
it’s song of courage to the dead man’s tale
accompanying thunder, brave to the charred last rites.

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