Her Name a Mystery

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A dream
Takes a name
Start the clock
Protect it like your baby
Keep it secret
Make it need to know
Brand it
Sell it
Market it

Promise anything
Breaking promises is life
Except for love?
I love you?

I know this movie

What do you need from me?
What do you want from life?
Just say the word

Get me home by midnight?
Promise me?

Of course my princess

Please don’t
I can’t tell you why


Call me that


I don’t want to die

My precious
Such a fine carriage
Where shall we ride?
Let’s go as far as we can go

Name it, kill it?
Too late already
Her name born in the wind
A foehn did blow an epic
Scattering life befriended
Fires burn again and again

The dead we remember
Buried like we do
Quick an epitaph
A memory to forget
The flash of death
Sculpted patiently by a hired hand

Stories we tell of her when
During those days we tended her grave
Now our children strain to read
What she instructed

Until there is nothing
Charms and fairies tip the stones
God grinds granite into dust
Turned soft duff, a welcome back dear forest

No more the name
Nor any memory of the same
A new language now is
Spoken in silence

Her name a mystery.

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