Yeast We Can

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Tip my glass again to feel its last drop

The beer is brewed and gone and just a thought

Still thirsty, her taste not looking to stop

Not just yet, she is desire resting  hot.


Passion groans under the weight of pleasure

Coming down I peak over her shoulder

Kneading each, we gently bandy her toy

Juices stirred late afternoon, she laughs at me her boy.


Never made it out of her liquid opal eyes

One day long ago, now it’s on our calendar

Steam rises underneath our hidden skies

Then we rest, savoring what is risen here.


Some have a recipe, others the gift

What treats will be, have been there from our first

We were only words and eyes, shared a spoon to lift

Lentils, tas kebap, and pitta unrehearsed.


Was it chemistry brought us together?

A dash of something stirred in us to know

Our sugars true flavor dab the dough

Days old peasant’s bread crusty now, forever.

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