Angel Light

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Sunlight tickles us both, like a crisp clean sheet
Washed and air dried folded tight
My new skin has not yet sensed its loving light
Its shadow still rearranging that it might suit.

Searching inside for some sign of my new address
Lost and confused the last step to the alter leaves me numb
Tried holding back, going slow, you cannot stop the drum
She glows, you hold her tight, together feel the sunset bless.

Somehow the light finds purchase on our red mountain
Spirits come to calm, caress the lace of her rose dress
Tears mix freely and whisper like a fountain
As we fuse their love with heaven’s torch, all else lost in the blaze.

Her spirit carried to safety in another, a new life proclaims
A new love, a new world, their dreams our eternities
Pride overflows your chest heaves these tremors of love amidst the flames
You give your girl one more, just one more squeeze.

Then let her go as the sun slips away bleeding its vermilion gleam
Spirits dance across the coals like nothing is amiss?
Happy glaze overtakes as friends urge on the wedding kiss
Sunrise promises with falling stars and drops of moonbeam.

Am I alone now? Both sun and moon have left me night?
Starlight’s dust just enough to tip the hourglass
Constellations now tell your story over time, defeating distance
I look up to see your colors sparkling in their light.

Blessings flow from love to always give you special,
Make her glow and fill your new life with happy!
May your future welcome wide and surrender you the key.
(These notes engraved with love for you by starlight of your Angel.)



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